Quality Office Furniture

If you are looking for quality office furniture then look no further than Oxford Office Furniture. We specialize in new and pre-owned office furniture. We provide monthly specials to our customers. Apart from offering new and old furniture, we carry out turn-key projects and offer personalized items. Our vast experience has gotten us a level-3 BEE rating!

We have high-class office furniture that will make anyone stick around in your office. We have designed our furniture to provide maximum comfort. An office is always filled with key business partners, VIP guests, employees and clients. To ensure that these people have comfortable seating, you must have quality office furniture. We make sure that our products has everything your office needs. Our entire product portfolio splits into three categories. General Furniture, Seating and Storage

The General Furniture segment includes Executive Desks, Managerial Desks, Cluster/Training Desk, Executive Wall Units, Managerial Wall Units, Reception Wall Units, Reception Counters, Boardroom Tables, Coffee Tables, Screens and Wood Color.

The Seating segment has Executive Chairs, Fabric Chairs, Public Seating, Industrial Chairs, Stacker Chairs, Leather Look Chairs, Canteen, Chairs and Couches for Reception.

The Storage segment includes Steel Storage, Accessories, Wooden Storage, Filing Solutions, Pre-owned Furniture and School Furniture. To find out more about the products, visit https://www.oxfordoffice.co.za

We take great care in comfort, fashion and stability

We check the quality of all furniture before we put them up for sale. These three elements matter the most when it comes to buying quality pieces of office furniture. Even numerous organizational research and studies show that an organization with a good infrastructure and office furniture tends to make good profits and are successful as good infrastructure increases the efficiency of employees and creates a positive environment. Our quality furniture will certainly make your office comfortable, functional and visibly striking. We understand that managers and Executives spend most of their professional time working in their offices; therefore it makes sense that the furniture should be ergonomic, efficient, and up-to-the-minute and should go well with the ambiance, design, color and theme of the entire office.

To find out more about our products and services, visit our site https://www.oxfordoffice.co.za or contact us directly on (011) 793 6726 or 082 569 6691. You can also reach us by email; our email address is info@oxfordoffice.co.za.